Why You Should Use Social Media to Enhance Your Brand.

Social Media MarketingSocial media is open and it is waiting for you. It has become one of the best ways to interact with your customers through a variety of social media channels- the main ones being FacebookYouTube and Twitter. These channels allow you to develop your business and take it further afield- creating an online community packed full of profit making potential and a legacy that your customers can be a part of. In our eyes, a busy social media network is the best source of marketing your business could ever do- and it’s not bank busting work either!

These popular social media channels are not all fun and games. If you have the capabilities and the know how, you can turn your social media profile into a powerful marketing tool for your brand- and it isn’t a hidden secret anymore. In fact, if you are without a social media profile, your falling behind. If you find yourself wanting to expand your brand further afield, you should connect yourself with our social media marketing services.

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Do I Need A Social Media Marketing Campaign?

If any of the following applies to yourself or your social media profile, you might want to re-think the way your interact with your customers:

  • Buy Me / Click Me / Pay Me Content
  • Acting Like A Big Company- when your not
  • Poor Motivation
  • No Strategy
We are not saying that if any of the following does apply to you you won’t be getting results. We are regularly hired to help optimize your content to get the maximum potential out of your social media network.


Is there such a key to unlock social media success?

Well, as experienced and lifelong users of these social media networks their is *gasp* such a key- but it comes in many different forms, and these all need embracing with gentle open arms. Broadly speaking, the key to social media success is interaction. So, if you find your social media profile not doing so well, your not interacting the way you should be. Your brand will automatically attract a key audience, if you don’t study and understand this audience, you can’t possibly imagine to interact with them successfully- so comes the definitive question- do you want to continue socializing with your customers poorly?

What Most People Get Wrong

Social media can be a fine line between pushing your customers away from your brand or drawing them in further. A constant keen eye and a good social media strategy that employs interaction, is essential for success. So what are the interaction elements most people get wrong in social media profiles?

  • Poor understanding of the brands key audience

As we briefly discussed above, this leads to poor interaction. Once you enter the social media world, your opening your brand up to criticism and trust us when we say this, we have seen the rise and fall of businesses on social media profiles and it is never pretty. A social media profile allows your customers to comment on every aspect of your brand- so you need to make sure the strategy you choose is warming and targeted towards your key audience, but remember, you cannot please everyone- you would be a fool to think so.

  • A social media profile that does not reflect a brand

In so many different ways, your range of social media profiles (be it what you choose to develop) must in every aspect, reflect your brand. A social media profile that does not reflect your brand inevitably reflects bad on your brand as a whole. A domino effect of poor decision making will eventually drive your customers away or stall your social media profile’s progression.

  • Persistent ‘BUY ME’ content

Particularly small businesses, the constant BUY ME interaction only proves to be a major downfall. Your eagerness to sell sell sell has driven your customers away and only leaves your social media profile a ghost town. Now we are not saying BUY ME content is wrong to use- it just needs to be used in the correct way. Businesses have increased sales by 300% through social media marketing campaigns that have not persistently swamped it’s customers with such content. Increasing sales comes indirectly through content that builds trust with first-time buyers, builds awareness and loyalty.

  • Small business acting like a big company

The amount of times we hear “If you want to be a big company, act like one.”. It misleads a vast bunch of social media profiles and most get it wrong from the word go- which is all down to choosing the wrong role model. It is essential to understand that a BIG company that only want’s to ensure it’s brand remains in front of it’s customers is a million miles away from a company trying to obtain and build more business.

So you see, the key to success is interaction and you should be asking yourself hundreds of questions about how you interact with your key audience- if it is targeted content at all. This interaction is a internet marketing businesses ‘trade secret’- so to speak. If you are interested in how interaction can help your brand grow, get in touch and our team of experienced social net-workers will be happy to provide you with some tips to improve your brand.


We think it is important for you to know our experience with social media.

In 2006, we saw Google secure a deal to take over YouTube for $1.65bn. Since then, we have seen and experienced it’s full potential and we have actively promoted many promotional videos to help promote a certain brand. In 2007, we were one of the first people to ever access Facebook back when it was first made available for UK university students only. Facebook’s transformation since 2007 has been inspirational and we have been there every step of the way- interacting and using it to our advantage. As the years have progressed, we have seen the growing trend in other social media platforms such as Twitter- something that is still actively trending right now.

What we are trying to say here is we have grown up with all of these social media channels and we use them every day without fail. Our childhood alone has given us invaluable experience in how to market yourself on these social media platforms and connect them with your blog, website and brand. We have always been at the forefront of new social media features and we have a natural skill in using them.

We already manage social media profiles for sports businesses, estate agents and music news. Each of them flourishing in size as each week passes.

All of our social media campaign clients are assigned with their own Account Manager and provided with monthly social profile Reports.