Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our first priority, this is our second priority after your success.

Our privacy policy is focused on making sure you know and understand that your privacy is sacred to us knowing how vulnerable the internet is to hackers and fraud based efforts.  Below is a list of items that summarizes our communication and use of your personal information, and or your business’s information.

  • All personal information will be clearly indicated to you on how we will use it in conjunction to your marketing and services that will be used with Convert Volume Inc.
  • The collection of personal information is only used for the purpose of processing transactions related to Convert Volume Inc., and will only be used for other purposes if you the client gives us the consent to use it in any other way.
  • Personal information will also be used to communicate with you in terms of emails and newsletter like promotions and you will always have the ability to disable these announcements at any time by communicating your intent with us.
  • Collection of personal information is always collected and secured in accordance to the law, and we also are aware of the gray areas that require additional protection.
  • We make every effort to protect your personal information using all the latest secure technologies like SSL for encryption related to ecommerce websites, and much more.
  • Convert Volume practices complete transparency in the interest of fair play, and integrity.  We don’t mind sharing and details with you about our management and company policies because we know that when you know us better, you will have more confidence in our company.

Our policy is customer comes first, and we are strict about the integrity of all the facets of our business practices. We make sure to keep things confidential, and protect your interests with high regard to you as a person and to your business.